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100% Pure Handmade Canadian Beeswax Candles

Burning a 100% pure beeswax candle is something that every candle lover should experience.

The golden flame and sweet, natural honey scent inspires serenity and romance. As it illuminates with same spectrum as the sun, it also invigorates.

Its ion producing benefits are known to be an aphrodisiac for the body and soul.

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Kooking With Karl

Do you enjoy food and wine? Do you want to know what wine to pair with what food?

Check out "Kooking With Karl" for some great recipes, wine reviews and more.

RV Rentals in Canada

5th wheel trailer and truckThere are many places you can rent an RV or Recreational Vehicle in Canada. However, before you decide on what vehicle to rent you must decide on what kind of travel you would like to do. There are many RV choices and doing a bit of research and planning will make your Canadian Holiday a trip of a life time.

RV Choices in Canada

In our "RV Choice" section we have summed up the different RV choices available and the benefits and disadvantage with each one, check it out.

campgroundIf you are planning to do a lot of driving on your trip, then you should make sure you are not charged too much for extra km. Most rental places offer you to purchase extra kilometres prior to your trip at a discounted rate. Plan ahead and you can save.

RV Rental Outlets in Canada

The best way to find a place to rent an RV is word of mouth. Talk to a friend that have rented before and they can give you lots of valuable information. Another way is to search on Google or whatever search engine you are using for a good rental agent. A good search term is "RV rental in (city where you want to rent)".

Navion Class C Motor HomeShould you contact more then one dealer? Yes, get a quote from at least two, and make sure to ask what the total amount is including any other fees like insurance and taxes.

When returning the RV you are expected to return it full of fuel, that is the cheapest way, so fill it up before you return it. You will pay a premium if you don't

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding RV Rentals, and we will give you our opinion.




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