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Types of RV Trailers

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RV Trailers.

RV Trailers come in many shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is that they are towed behind a vehicle. This can be a car, suv, or a small or large truck.

If you plan on purchasing an RV Trailer, be it a small tent trailer or a large travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer, make sure you have an appropriate tow vehicle. Having the power to go up hills and mountains and the breaking power to come down is so important. Check out our truck review on our blog where we talk about "tow haul", "exhaust break" and more.

Just about every time we are on the road in the summer we see someone on the side of the road that has problems from an overheated motor, transmission problem or over heated breaks.

One of the great things about having a trailer, be it small or large, once you have set up camp, you have a vehicle to get around with and explore.

Let's have a look at the different options of RV Trailers

RV - Tent Trailers

tent trailerA tent trailer is a small light weight trailer that is a bit like a tent but keeps you off the ground and offers some amenities.

The sides of the trailer are made of a material like a tent and you raise the top up when you camp and when you are on the road it is very compact and does not take much power to tow

A tent trailer as a rule has a small kitchen area, with fridge, stove and a sink. Some models even offer bathroom facilities. These units are very affordable and is a wonderful way to go camping. They can sleep 4-8 people.

RV - Hard Sided Folding Trailers

The Hard Sided Folding Trailer are fairly new to the RV market. It is a bit like the tent trailer but with the comfort and security of hard walls that can be erected up in less then on minute. In this type of RV Trailer, just like the tent trailer, you get a small kitchen area and some even have a washroom with a shower.

If you are travelling and doing back country camping the hard sided walls makes it way harder for animals like bears to get into your belongings.

Most hard sided folding trailers will sleep 2-4 people. They are also an economical RV and do not require a large tow vehicle.

RV - Travel Trailers

SUV with travel trailerRV Travel Trailers come in a wide range of sizes with all kinds of options. They can have a single axle, dual axles and the really large ones have triple axles.

Most of these trailers come well equipped with kitchens, washroom (sometimes two), full entertainment centres, electric fire place, furnace, Air Conditioner, slide or slide outs, and the list goes on. Some models even have bunk beds for the young family.

The price ranges of these trailers vary, depending on what options you select and the size you choose. They are relatively easy to hook and unhook. Hooking up the trailer by yourself is a little more challenging since you cannot easily see your back bumper or tow hitch, unless, you have a back up camera.

If you do a lot of towing you may want to add stabilizer bars to the hitch to minimize the swaying on the trailer. Again depending the size of the trailer, they can sleep 4-8 people or more.

RV - 5th Wheel Trailers

RV 5th Wheel Trailers are towed by a truck that has a special hitch in the box of the truck centred over the back axle of the truck, just like the big semi trucks on the roads but on a smaller scale. 5th wheel trailers also come in all shapes and sizes from single axle to a large triple axle with six slides.

5th Wheel Trailer Rockwood 8265WSPulling a 5th wheel is relatively easy and the trailer follows the truck's tracks nicely. It is also fairly easy to back up with, and with some practice you will be a pro in no time. Hooking and unhooking is easy and can be done by one person no problems. Here again it is very important to have a good tow vehicle.

A word of caution, with many short box trucks out there. You have to watch when you turn a sharp corner so the trailer does not hit the back of the truck. This can be avoided by purchasing an auto slide hitch like the Hijacker Auto Slide hitch which actually automatically slides back the more you turn, reaching 14 inches at a 90° turn.

The options on 5th wheel trailers are endless and and just like the travel trailers your price will depend on the options and the size of the trailer.

RV Choice Overview      RV Trailers      Motorhomes      Campers & Other Options


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