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Types of RV - Motorhomes

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RV - Motorhomes

RV - Motorhomes are units that are motorized and run under their own power. This can be a compact Volkswagen Camper Van to a large dual wheel and tandem axle bus type unit. Let's have a look at the different types.

One thing to consider when purchasing a motorhome (or renting) is that once you set up camp, you do not have an other vehicle to go exploring. Many owners of large motorhomes tow a vehicle behind for that purpose.

Class A Motorhome

Class A Motor HomeClass A Motorhomes are large self contained luxury RV's. They come with most things you can think of. However like in all the other RV's there are options you can choose.

One of the options in some of the Class A Motorhomes is a diesel motor. A diesel motor is usually more expensive to buy, but if you are spending a lot of time on the road it will pay for itself fairly quickly.

Airbrakes can also be an option. If this is the case, you will have to make sure to see if your province, territory or state requires a special endorsement on your drivers license.

Since these RV's are very large, many people pull a small vehicle behind so once they are parked they have means of getting around

Class B Motorhome

Campervan on the beachClass B Motorhomes is what most people refer to as a "Camper Van". These type of RV's are great for a couple, but can accommodate up to 4 people

Most of the time they are equipped with a small bathroom and a cooking area. Water and electricity hook ups are also available on many models.

These units are easy to get around with, and fairly economical to drive. These camper vans do not take a lot of time to get used to. Again, there are many different sizes and they come from basic to very luxurious.

Class C Motorhome

Navion Class C MotorhomeClass C motorhomes are probably one of the most common motorhomes on the road. Larger then a class B motorhome, they offer much more comfort, space and amenities.

In a class C unit you have a good sized bathroom usually with a shower, the kitchen is ample to make a regular meal and lots of room to sleep. Four people sleep very comfortable but some units handle up to 10 people.

Some of these units also come with a diesel motor, like the one we rented one year. It was a Navion, made by Itasca and had a five cylinder Mercedes diesel motor and one slide-out. We got very good mileage and it handled very well. With the slide out, this is great space for two people even though it would sleep 6. We had our two grand children with us and had no problems with space what so ever.

RV Choice Overview      RV Trailers      Motorhomes      Campers & Other Options


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