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The Province of Québec

The Province of Quebec FlagQuébec is the largest province and the second largest entity in Canada, with the Nunavut Territory being the largest. Québec is the biggest French speaking territory in the world.

Québec people hold on to their language and culture. Their official language is French, even though many are bilingual and speak also English plus possibly their language of origin, e.g. Aboriginal, Italian...

Québec's heart is the St. Lawrence River, but the province has a very varied geography all the way from the Gaspé Peninsula to the Hudson Strait all the way in the north. Both major cities, Montréal and Québec City are full of history and current commercial life. See our map of the Province of Québec

Québec has more than 1 million lakes and waterways. The massive Saint Lawrence River, that many claim is one of the most beautiful stretches of water in North America, flows across Québec from west to east.

The river originates at the outflow of Lake Ontario and flows for almost 1200km. It eventually drains into the largest estuary in the world, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, which then opens up into the Atlantic Ocean. The amount of water being discharged at the mouth of the river is approximately 9,850 m³⁄s

The shear size of the Saint Lawrence River makes both Montréal and Québec City, which border the St. Lawrence, world trade ports.

Here are some quick facts.

  • Total land area – 1,365,128 km²
  • Population – 7,886,100
  • Coastline – 13,323 km
  • Capital – Québec City
  • Language – French

Quebec City at NightIf you compare the Province of Québec with the country of Sweden, Québec is three times the size of Sweden, 34 times the size of Switzerland, 5.8 times the size of Great Britain and twice the size of the State of Texas in the USA

Population wise, Québec has 1.2 times more people then Sweden, Switzerland is about the same, Great Britain has 7.8 times more people and the State of Texas has 3.1 times more.

Québec History

Despite its impressive size, the Province of Québec today is only a portion of what was once called New France.At one time Québec encompassed the Great Lakes and an area all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico

The original boundaries were changed through out the late 1700´s right up to the British North American Act of 1876. Read more on the history of Québec.


Gaspe Perce RockThe official language is French. Most of Québec people are bilingual, or multi lingual. Approximately 80% French, about 10% English and the rest, Algonquian, Inuit, Spanish, Italian etc...

The official language, and the implementation of it is still a hot topic, and is widely discussed in Québec.

Québec Tourist Information

Such a big Province and so little time! You will need lots of time to get a flair for what Québec has to offer. In Québec you can find what ever adventure you are looking for, from golfing, fishing, sugar shacking, whale watching, beach combing and more.

There are 22 tourist regions and doing your research before you arrive will save you time. You will no doubt have a wonderful time in Québec.

Check out the official Tourism Québec website

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